Renters are highly interested in security upgrades to their apartments, survey finds

In a U.S. national survey published last November, apartment renters said they are more interested in a secure apartment than a safe neighborhood.

Renters said an in-unit security system was the number one improvement that would justify a rent increase. They also said an unsafe community was of much less importance and, in fact, would be the last reason they might move. The research was sponsored by ResidentRated, a national renter satisfaction survey company based in Minnesota.

The reason renters say they would move depends on whether they are under or over age 50. Those under age 50 are more likely to move due to lifestyle changes or rent increases. Those over age 50 are more likely to move due to rent increases and noise. All reasons for moving are shown in the chart.

About this research:

ResidentRated, a resident satisfaction survey program serving multi-family and senior properties in the United States, sponsored this research. The survey was conducted by Q Market Research in Eagan, Minnesota, and concluded on October 29, 2018, with 403 respondents across the United States. Participants range in age from 18 to 70. Results have a margin of error of ± 4.88% at a 95% confidence level. The report “Keeping Renters Happy: ResidentRated’s National Survey of Renters 2018,” is copyright ResidentRated, 2018.

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