2 questions most people fail to ask when interviewing a realtor

Denver Broker Associate Beth Baker Owens, of Your Castle Real Estate, explains how people should choose a professional to help them with real estate.

Homes are expensive. Few people negotiate to buy or sell real estate regularly so don’t know the current details.

“You want a champion in your corner to translate market movements and lay out the process and the paperwork, an expert to market your home and get you the best value,” said Baker Owens. “Choose wisely and win.”

The usual list of questions to ask a Realtor during an interview include, “How long have you been in the real estate business? How many homes have you sold and where? What is your specialty (an area, a type of buyer or seller)? What services and guarantees do you offer me? How do you communicate with your clients? How do you get paid for your services?”

Real estate is a demanding and ever-changing business. “You want a professional who handles the stresses with panache and who knows how the market is changing,” stressed Baker Owens.

The following two questions are usually left out of the list of imperative questions to ask:

No. 1: How do you keep up with market trends and apply that to my situation?

No. 2: What are you doing to improve your skills and capabilities this year?

Recent news reports indicate real estate markets are slowing down in several areas around the US. Since real estate is local, it is crucial to know market specifics where you are buying or selling a property. At Your Castle Real Estate here are some key indicators we measure and track:

  • Price change trends
  • Days on the market
  • The amount and type of seller discounts
  • Days to close
  • How many under contract homes are not closing with the first offer
  • Absorption rate

Noted Baker Owens, “Just as a good doctor evaluates more than your blood pressure, a good agent evaluates more than the home price.”

New technologies in homes and in our lives abound. Different generations focus on different values. Keeping on top of changes requires focus and energy. “Keep in mind that 87% of new agents are out of real estate within five years,” added Baker Owens. “This means most people don’t innately have or easily develop the skills and capabilities needed to be a successful Realtor.”

“Coaching develops a Realtor’s resiliency and capability to handle situations. Buyers and sellers can get emotional during a transaction, so having a resilient and engaged Realtor means having a calm ally throughout the process. A growing Realtor is a better resource for you.”


– Baker Owens

Specific classes can provide new information. How does the Realtor apply that information? A Realtor who is being coached develops skills and capabilities to integrate new learning and to adapt. Coached Realtors also listen better and take action to provide better service for their clients.

About Beth Baker Owens, Your Castle Real Estate

Beth Baker Owens is a Broker Associate with over twenty years of experience. As a Senior Real Estate Specialist, she has extra training in working with seniors. She has facilitated real estate transactions for hundreds of clients across the Colorado Front Range. Owens has been awarded the Denver Five Star Professional Award for Realtors several years.

Image: Paul Brennan 

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