Knowify releases a comprehensive infographic guide for the construction industry

Knowify LLC, creator of the top-rated business software solution for specialty contractors and residential remodelers, has published a comprehensive infographic entitled “The construction industry by the numbers”.

The global construction industry is massive, performing trillions of dollars worth of work annually and employing over 180 million people. Everywhere you look a new building is going up, and existing buildings are being remodeled to stay current.

With so many players and so much manpower involved, construction projects must be managed efficiently or costs and schedules can spiral out of control. There is also a huge opportunity for new processes and new technologies to be brought to bear to improve efficiency: a one percent reduction in global construction costs would save over $100 billion.

Construction can also be a dangerous job: compared to other industries, the construction industry is more likely to experience on-site injuries and fatalities. One in five workplace fatalities occur on a construction site, with the Fatal Four (falls, struck by object, electrocutions, and caught-in/between) in particular accounting for over half of those deaths. OSHA violations are a common occurrence, but with proper planning, training, and management they can be easily avoided.

“Efficiency and safety go hand in hand,” says Knowify CEO Marc Visent. “Both are important to consider in the earlier planning stages and must be kept top of mind until the end of a project.” Knowify LLC is a company offering construction management software for both residential and commercial projects. They focus on providing software that increases efficiency and productivity for all aspects of construction projects.

“We’ve also found that companies that are implementing new technology to make their operations more efficient are also the ones finding new technologies and approaches to increase safety at the job site,” says Marc Visent. “We are eagerly working with these companies to usher in a safer, more profitable era in the construction industry.”

Image: Ivan Henao

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